Frequently asked questions

What is Online Booking Engine?

Booking Engine is an online reservation platform, which helps you to sell successfully over the internet. It also offers features to help you to keep in touch with your partners and customers, such as the possibility to customise prices and rates for special customers, define allocations, send automatic messages, request feedbacks automatically and communicate in a wide range of different languages. Customers access online Booking Engine through your website via calendar control boxes, which are linked directly to your online booking engine.

How can my property start using Online Booking Engine?

You can apply online at Bookahotelroom.in to use online hotel Booking system. - When you apply to use online hotel Booking system, you will be forwarded to the set-up section. You will also receive an email containing your login information, which you can use for future logins to your setup panel.This 15 minute set-up phase needs to be completed to create your booking engine. - Once the set-up phase has been completed and approved by our staff, your property will be ready to receive bookings. However, you will need to install a hotel booking engine calendar control box on your website to allow guests to access your booking engine. We will send you an e-mail containing a selection of these calendar control boxes. You need to choose one of these and request that we install it on your website. (Alternatively, your webmaster can do this for you.) Meanwhile, we will send you the link to your property admin panel where you can manage all relevant information concerning your property, including inventory, rates and other settings. The set-up phase requires minimum input to get your booking engine started. You can then continue to input further information about your property in your admin panel.

Can you install the code for the calendar control box on my website?

If your webmaster is unable to install the code on your website, we can take care of installing it for you. You simply need to ask your webmaster to send us the FTP details of your website host (username and password) and we will do the rest.

How do I manage inventory, rates and reservations with Hotel Booking Engine?

An online control panel allows you to manage all relevant information concerning your property, including inventory, rates and other settings. Your control panel is accessed with a personal log-in. Individual user profiles can be created for your personnel so that authorisation levels can be individually defined. Hotel Booking Engine naturally notifies you of all reservations, messages and other important updates by email, but it remains your full responsibility to check your control panel regularly for these updates.

How does Hotel Booking Engine help me attract new customers?

Hotel Booking Engine is the perfect solution to encourage new customers to book your property. Why spend so much time and money on advertising and promotion, if your potential customers can't complete their booking on line? With today's demand for 'instant information', customers want to know what facilities you have available and how much they will cost at the click of a mouse. Offering your customers the benefits of Hotel Booking Engine allows them to make informed choices about your rooms and reserve your property instantly. Without online booking, potential customers might be lost to a competitor who offers this facility.

Does Hotel Booking Engine guarantee reservations or verify credit cards?

No. Hotel Booking Engine provides a multitude of online tools to assist you but does not act as an intermediary between you and your customers in any way. You are responsible for verifying reservations, communicating with your customers, charging credit cards and defining the policies by which reservations are guaranteed. Hotel Booking Engine will check the authenticity of a credit card using the available methods, but is in no way responsible for guaranteeing its authenticity, ensuring the validity of a card or the presence of sufficient funds.